What you should know before installing rooftop solar panels on your roofing system.

Thinking about having Rooftop Solar Panels installed on your roofing system? Read on…

Solar Panels are getting more popular across the Unites States due to their advancements with technology and potential cost savings! 

Before having solar panels installed on your roof ask yourself the following things: 

  • Does your roof need repair? Before getting solar installed, you should really ask yourself how old your roof is, and will a new roof be needed anytime soon? The best idea would be to call your roofing contractor and have them come out and complete a roof inspection to look for any potential issues as well as give you an idea on how much life is left in your roof. The last thing that you want to do it install solar on an older worn roof and then have to pay to have them uninstalled for a new roof to be installed and then pay yet again to have them installed on a new roofing system. 
  • What is the shape of your roof? Roofing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Make sure that the roof that you have installed allows for enough room to have the solar panels installed. 
  • Which direction do the slopes of your roof face? Solar Panels require specific placement in order to be able to generate the maximum amount of power for your home. Ideally the panels should face the south. 
  • How much weight can your roof handle? Installing solar panels on your roof will increase the weight on the structure of your roof. In the event that the solar panel weight is too much for the roof it could cause the structure to collapse. This can not only be really dangerous but also very costly. 
  • Where will the water go? When it rains the water will run off the roof and into the gutters away from your home. When you install solar panels, equipment like racking or wire harnesses can really prevent water from draining properly from your roof. To avoid these types of issues you should make sure to discuss all of these concerns with your contractor so they can have a plan on how to help. 
  • How do you connect the grid? In addition to the shape and structure of your roofing system you need to consider how you are going to be connecting to your solar system. You will need to reach out to your local utility company for clarification on any fees that you would need to pay as well as any credits you may be due. 
  • Will this affect my roof warranty? Warranties are important, especially ones that keep you and your home safe. If you have recently had your roof replaced, it is best to contact your roofing contractor to make sure that installing solar on your home does not void your workmanship warranty. It is standard practice for any penetrations that are created after a new roof installation to NOT be warrantied. 
  • Are there any rebates? There are costs when installing a solar panel system on your home that can range from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on where you are located and the contractor that you select, however in many states there are rebates offered for installing solar panels on your roof. The Department of Energy usually offers as much as 30% in rebates and tax credits. There might also be a savings with your local electricity provider. 
  • Do you have the right insurance? Always check with your homeowner’s insurance to ensure that you have the right coverage that will cover any damage to your home during installation. Always check within your state as well in regard to building codes, regulations and rules within your municipality. 
  • What does roof maintenance look like after solar installation? It is always good to check with your roofing contractor prior to installing your solar panels to see what roof maintenance looks like once they are installed. What can be done and what cannot be done. 

If you need to have your roof inspected prior to getting your Solar Panel System installed, call Middle Creek Roofing at 1-717-949-2414 and we would be happy to assist! 

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