What is an industrial roof?

Industrial roofing in general typically tends to be flat or a low slope roof design. In general, there are five types of roofing that is used on industrial roofs.

  1. Built Up Roofing which consists of multiple layers of material which are laminated together.
  2. Spray Foam roofing is applied a liquid that puffs up once it is applied. It then forms a seamless protective barrier around the roof including pipes and other roof penetrations.
  3. Modified Bitumen roofing which adds plastic or rubber type properties which makes the roof more durable.
  4. Single Ply Roofing membrane (also known as TPO). This type of roofing has four elements which consists of the insulation layer, membrane layer (made of rubber or plastic), flashing and also the adhesive.
  5. Metal Roofing. This option is not ideal for flat roofs but can be terrific for a lower sloped roof. This option is usually made of steel, aluminum or copper. They are also typically very aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial Roofing can be tricky and normally are very large and can end of having some very costly repair or replacement costs if they are not properly maintained. We recommend that you have your industrial roofing inspection once per year to inspect for any issues or potential issues to prevent large costly repairs later.

If you are needing to have your industrial roof inspected, give Middle Creek Roofing a call at 717.949.2414 and schedule your FREE roof inspection. We are here to help!

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