What is a Green Living Roof?

Green Roofs have existed for thousands of years. A Green Living roof lasts longer than a conventional roof, and they even help reduce energy costs with natural insulation. You can create a nice peaceful retreat with a living roof. Green Roofs also help improve air quality. 

The layers of a green roof must still accommodate drainage and protect the building from the outside elements with a waterproof membrane. 

Types of Green Living Roofs

There are two types of green roofs: Intensive and Extensive. 

Intensive green roofs are essentially elevated parks. They can sustain shrubs, trees and walkways. They can also accommodate benches due to their complex structural support. They support hearty native ground cover that requires little maintenance. 

Extensive green roofs usually only exist for their environmental benefits and do not function as rooftop gardens. 

One of the most famous American Green rooftops is at Chicago’s City Hall, and it does combine both intensive and extensive systems. 

Check this out!

Green Living Roof on Chicago's City Hall.

Facts About Chicago’s Green Roof

Here are a few Ecological Facts about Chicago’s Green Roof…

The initial cost of a green roof is enough to scare most people away. They do require professional design including careful structural analysis with multiple layers and systems. The long-term economic benefits do outweigh the startup costs. Green roofs do protect the roof membrane from harsh weather and ultraviolet radiation and they can last twice as long as traditional roofs. Green Roofs replace a hard infrastructure with one that is not only more efficient but also very beautiful and useful. Even a non-accessible green roof creates a stunning view for surrounding neighbors and proves wildlife with a secluded safe space to live. 

What Are the Layers of a Green Living Roof?

Check out the layers to a green living roof…

Layers of a Green Living Roof. 
Vegetation layer. Growing Medium layer, Irrigation Layer, Drainage Layer and Filter Fabric, Root Barrier layer, Waterproofing Membrane layer, and the structural deck.
Urbanscape Green Roofing layers. Sedum-mix layer, Green Roll layer, Drainage layer, geotextile layer, waterproofing layer, base roof structure.

Middle Creek Roofing does not install or service Green Living Roofs, but we sure do think that they are interesting! 

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