What does hail damage look like on your roof?

What does hail damage look like on your roof?

Hail damage to you roof can be either really noticeable or kind of hard to spot. If the hail is 1″ or bigger you will see dings and dents in your shingles. Please understand that if you roof does not have large dents in the shingles that does not mean that you do not have hail damage. 

More signs of hail damage on your roof are dings and dents on your roof vents, gutters and roof flashings. 

If your roof has any of the damage shown above, you will more than likely be able to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. Your first instinct when you think that you have hail damage to your roof would be to call your roofing contractor, but you should in fact call your insurance company first, put in a request for a claim and they will send their adjuster out to inspect. Once you get the report back from your insurance adjuster, then you can give your roofing contractor a call and schedule a time for them to come out assess and provide you with a quote for the damages. 

How to spot hail damage safely from the ground as a homeowner…

As a roofing contractor, we would never recommend a homeowner who is unsure what they are doing to get up and walk around on their roof. Here are a few ways to assess your home for hail damage from the ground…

These things would be visible from the ground: 

– Downspouts (above 5ft, this damage would not be able to be blamed on a lawnmower or Weed Wacker)

-Dings or dents in your garage doors

-Holes in window screens

-Dings in painted wood or shutters

-Dents on your mailbox

-Dents on the top of your cards hood

Check out this siding which was extremely damaged from a hail storm.

Here are a few things you should know BEFORE starting the insurance claim process…

1. The insurance process can be muddy and confusing. 

2. Do NOT sign any paperwork until your roof insurance claim is approved. 

3. Insurance adjusters sometimes do make mistakes. 

If you have sustained hail damage and have completed in insurance claim, give Middle Creek Roofing a call at 1-717-949-2414 and we would be happy to come out, assess and help you with repairing your home!

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