Think you need a new roof? Think Again!

Middle Creek Roofing’s Roof Repair crew specializes in saving homeowners thousands of dollars by repairing what many roofers would want to replace.

It’s an all-too-common occurrence… you know there’s something wrong with your roof. Maybe you have discolored patches, or algae or moss buildup, loose or missing shingles, exposed nails, maybe even a loose gutter. So, you call the first roofer you find in the phone book, and he tells you “Yep, you’re gonna need a new roof!” 

Many times, these roofers want to sell you a brand-new roof, costing thousands and thousands of dollars, when all you really need is a simple repair! 

Roofing Revelation#1: Repair or Replace?

Did you know, in many instances, your roof can be repaired, saving you thousands of dollars in needless expenses? But many roofers will tell you that replacement is needed because they can charge you more money for a complete replacement. In fact, most roofers don’t even touch repairs. All they want to do is go around slapping new roofs on homes, many times carelessly, which can void your manufactures warranty. 

Roofing Revelation #2: Does that 30-Year Warranty Really Mean 30 Years?

Let’s talk about warranties. When you buy a 15- or 30-year warranty, you may not know that it only applies to materials, such as the shingles, that go on your roof. It has nothing to do with the actual installation. And did you know that with a roof that is improperly installed (not according to exact manufacture specifications), your warranty can actually be null and void?!

This happens to many unsuspecting homeowners, especially right after a storm when so-called “Storm Chasers” come through town. Now for those of you who don’t know what a “Storm Chaser” is, let me tell you who they are and what they do. “Storm Chasers” are dialed into the Weather Channel and whenever a hailstorm hits, they pack up and head to that area. They strike while the iron is hot and try to replace as many roofs as possible, and then move to the next storm-ravaged area. 

Now that’s all well and good, but they don’t necessarily care about the quality of the roof that they install but just want to replace as many roofs as humanly possible. Once the jobs dry up or their reputation is destroyed, they move on to the next storm-ravaged area. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners are left high and dry once the “Storm Chasers” leave because their telephone numbers are disconnected or their warranties are useless. So, if you have any problems after your roof is replaced, you may have trouble even collecting your insurance check. And since many “Storm Chasers” slap on these roofs carelessly, many manufacturer warranties are null and void, leaving you holding the bag. 

Roofing Revelation #3 How to Save Yourself… and Save Your Roof

This is where we come in. Middle Creek Roofing knows that many times we can make a repair, saving you thousands in replacement costs. And, in many instances, even if your roof has been carelessly installed, we can make it right so your warranty remains intact, keeping you and your family safe and sound and giving you the peace of mind you thought you had when you bought that roof with the so-called warranty. 

Call Middle Creek Roofing at 1-717-949-2414 today and ask about our Roof Repair Crew. We’ll come and do a Tip Top Roof Inspection that will show you any flaws your roof may have. Even if it’s been poorly installed, our Tip Top Inspections will point it out. 

Roofing Revelation #4 Middle Creek Roofing’s Roof Repair Crew = Peace of Mind and safety for you and your family +

It is the goal of Middle Creek Roofing to make sure that you rest well at night, knowing that you’ve got a good reliable roof overhead. And know that you didn’t spend thousands of extra dollars unnecessarily to feel that way. 

That’s our goal… plain and simple. And that’s why we started our Middle Creek Roofing Repair Crew. Wouldn’t you rather save thousands of dollars now and know that your roof is going to keep you and your family dry for years to come?

You can! We can help. Just call the Roof Repair Crew at 1-717-949-2414 and we’ll offer you a special rate on our Tip-Top roof Inspection

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