Roof Replacement 101

Large brick home with a new roof replacement courtesy of Middle Creek Roofing


General: Roof Replacement

-If you have pets, you might want to work with your roofing contractor to see if they need to be locked up for the roof replacement. 

-Take appropriate measurements to protect any valuable items in your garden, i.e., statues, plants, etc. 

-Make sure gates are either left open for the roofing contractors or ask that they close the gates behind them at all times. 

-If there are special requests (such as asking them not to use your bathroom) make sure to let the person in charge know about that in advance. 

-Ask your roofing professional if they are going to be covering your flowers and shrubbery, if they are not, we do recommend that you do it yourself. 

Final Day- Finishing up the job.

-The roofing contractor will most likely do a final walk-through with you; this is where they make sure that they have completed everything that was contracted and that the work was completed to your satisfaction. 

-Typically, the roofing contractor will do a sweep of your yard for loose nails and other debris. 

-Ask your roofing professional about the cleanup process prior to the start of your job so that you are aware of their process and the expectations are clear. 

After your new roof has been installed (1-3 days later)

-If there was a dumpster on your project, that will be picked up.

-A representative from the roofing contractor might set up a time to come to your home for a general review of the project and to collect the final payment. 

-If you have applicable workmanship warranties and material warranties, they will be sent to you in the mail after your balance is paid in full. 

-Prior to signing a contract with your roofing contractor, you should have had a clear understanding of the warranties. 

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