Reasons Why your new Roofing System could fail.

When you get your roof replaced you expect to not have to worry about the new roof for quite a while, especially at first. A properly installed roof is a good investment that is meant to keep your home safe & secure. In some cases when your roofer fails to deliver either good quality products or installation services this may not be the case. 

Here are some reasons why your new roofing system may fail…

Improperly Installed: Your roofer may use the best materials on the market but if they are not properly installed, they will turn out to be not so great. Installing roofing materials improperly can result in your roofing system failing prematurely. Make sure to do your research and select a contractor like Middle Creek Roofing who ensures that their employees and equipment are top notch! 

Poor Quality Materials: Installing low-cost materials will not save you money in the long run. Installing inferior roofing materials will greatly affect your roofing systems performance. You will be more susceptible to roof leaks and shingle blows offs. 

Cutting Corners: Some contractors have a tendency to cut corners with things like flashings. Flashings around the chimney, wall flashings etc. When your roofing system is replaced, all flashings should always be replaced as well to ensure a watertight seal. 

Improper Ventilation: When selecting your roofing contractor make sure to ask them about ventilation for your new roofing system. They should always be inspecting your attic as well to determine the best ventilation system for your home. Lack of ventilation can cause issues with heat and moisture built up that can ultimately cause your roofing system to fail prematurely. 

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