Patching your roof VS Replacing

One of the main advantages of repairing your roof VS replacing it is the cost savings. With that being said there are a few things that you want to take into consideration with the cost.

  1. Will spending less now cost me more later? Meaning, yes, the cost now to repair might be less but are the cost of roofing materials going to surpass that savings by the time I do actually have my roof replaced?

2. Are you confident that the area you want to have repaired will in fact correct your roof issue?

3. What is the warranty for a repair job? How long will the repair last?

Lastly, always make sure that you have your roof assessed by a roofing contractor that is licensed and insured. If you are in need of a roof repair or replacement. Give Middle Creek Roofing a call at 717.949.2414. We are always happy to help walk you throug

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