Have a roof problem? Find out here about the 14 most common problems.

Roof Problems are never fun and never occur at a convenient time. Our roof should protect us from the outside elements and help to provide us with a comfortable living space. Roofing is always susceptible to damages due to weather and a few other factors. Identifying some of the common roofing problems will help you to identify when to call a Licensed Roofing Professional. 

Roof Leaks– This is one of the most common roofing problems that a homeowner can face. There are a few different reasons on why this can occur and can be super frustrating and inconvenient. In the event that a roof leak goes unresolved or unrepaired for too long you can end up with structural issues which will ultimately result in much costlier repairs. It is important to keep an eye on water damage which can most usually be seen around the flashing, skylights, chimney or close to your roof vents. Cracked flashings and backed up gutters can cause a roof leak pretty quickly. If you notice any of the above, you should contact a Licensed Roofing Professional right away.  

Standing Water– Allowing standing water to remain on your roofing system creating constant moisture will lead to problems such as the following: Rot, algae, mildew and mold. Standing water on your roof for an extended period of time can cause structural damages which could cause issues with your home’s stability. 

Damaged Shingles– Shingles can be damaged from a lot of sun exposure, debris, heavy storms or just age. Damaged Shingles is a pretty common roof problem. Damaged Shingles might not seem like a big deal if you do not have any leaking but not having them repaired could cause you to have more extensive problems down the road, which would be more costly to repair. 

Damaged Flashing– Roof Flashings are designed to seal the roofing system and help to keep water out of your home. Roof Flashings should be installed around chimneys, vent pipes, Heating & cooling systems, skylights, etc. If you do happen to notice that you have flashing that is loose, damaged or missing you should contact a Licensed Roofing Professional right away to get that repaired. Keeping your flashings in good shape will help to ensure that you do not get water into your living space. 

Shrinkage– Roof shrinkage is more common on EPDM (flat rubber roofing) and can occur due to expansion and contraction of the materials. Signs of roof shrinkage are cracks and tears in materials or flashings. You can help prevent roof shrinkage my having your roof regularly inspected and maintained. 

Clogged Gutters– Clogged Gutters might seem like they are not that big of a deal but the truth of it is, they can cause a lot of damage to your roof. If the water backs up in the gutters and is not able to escape it will back up into the house causing the roof to leak and interior damages. This over time can also cause the roof decking to begin to rot which would mean that your roofing system could prematurely fail. 

Storm Damage– In the event that you have a bad storm in your area it is best to call a Licensed Roofing Professional to come out and inspect the roof for any damage or potential issues. Storm damage can cause unseen issues with the roof which could lead to more costly repairs in the future if not properly taken care of. 

Trees or Shrubbery– Allowing trees or shrubs to overhang on your roofing system can slowly cause degradation on your roof and leak to shingle and flashing issues. This issue is preventable though, just simply have trees and shrubbery trimmed back and cleared from over the roof. 

Ventilation Issues– When your roof ventilation system is not properly working it can lead to issues on the interior and exterior of your home. Poor ventilation will cause moisture to accumulate in your attic or crawl space and raise the internal temperature of your home. Over time this will cause damage to the roof deck and cause shingle deterioration. If you notice an excessive amount of moisture in your attic you should call a Licensed Roofing professional to come out and assess the issue. 

Snow & Ice Damage– Poor Ventilation can actually lead to ice dams in the winter. That occurs when the snow accumulates and goes through a freeze/thaw cycle. This will cause water to eventually end up under your shingles and when the temperature drops again cause it to freeze. Over time this will cause your shingles and flashing to lift up. This can also cause issues with the structure of your roof. 

Pest Problems– Any time you have to deal with unwanted pests inside your home can be super annoying. Those unwanted pests can get inside your chimney and create nests which can be very hazardous. Rodents can also chew their way into the attic or crawl space though the ridge vent as well. If you experience an issue with unwanted critters call a Licensed Professional roofer to help! 

Lack of Maintenance– All roofing systems should have a yearly Maintenace check. Many people do not realize that you should have a maintenance check on your roof yearly. The best way to ensure that your roof is properly maintained is to call a Licensed Roofing professional once a year for a roof inspection. If you happen to live in an area that is susceptible to more inclement weather, you may need to get more than one roof inspection a year to ensure that you do not have any storm damage. 

Improper Repairs– Any time you need roof repairs you should always call a Licensed roofing professional who have the proper training and certifications. Improper roof repairs can almost always lead to more expensive situations for you. Cheaper is not always better. You want to make sure that you do your research, check the roofer ratings, request to see their proof of insurance and read their reviews. It is also important to make sure that they are Licensed to do business in your state. 

Poor Installation– Poor roof installation can lead to a number of different issues. Material manufactures will not warranty the materials that are installed in the event that they are installed incorrectly. Do your research and make sure that you are using a reputable, licensed & insured contractor. You may save money up front by going with a cheaper option but in the long run getting a cheaper roof completed by a “chuck in a truck” that may cut corners to install will end up costing you more money in the long run. Ultimately you only want to pay for a roof installation one time in your lifetime. 

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