Can my roof hold Santa and His Sleigh?

Can your roof hold Santa and his sleigh?

By this time the Elves at the North Pole are on overtime making all the toys for the boys and girls. Your kids might have some concerns if your house is “Santa ready”. There are a lot of houses and children to visit in just a few short hours. Here are a few things to ensure that Santa has a successful landing as well as departure. 

-Are there any missing or popped shingles?

-Are there any areas of the roof that appear to be uneven?

-Are there any mortar cracks in your chimney?

-Are there any bricks out of place on the chimney?

-When was the last time that your chimney was swept and cleaned out?

-Is the roof free from debris, leaves etc.?

-Ensure that your gutters are properly attached to the roof line?

In the event that you look over your roof and see any issues that may cause alarm for Santa to properly land on your roof, give Middle Creek Roofing a call at 1-717-949-2414 to come out and take care of that issue for you. The last thing you want is Santa to miss your house! 

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